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Open4Tax is a provider of open knowledge to consumers, e-Commerce stores and Open Source Integrators on e-Commerce Sales Tax issues. We particularly focus on the role of emerging technologies and the rapidly changing legislation related to e-Commerce sites being able to correctly calculate, report and comply with sales tax legislation.

The settlement between Amazon and the State of California might well be looked on as the moment in time when consumers were reminded of the law. Buying goods on-line does not mean exempt of sales tax. It means that the consumer is responsible for the sales tax according to the sales tax legislation in their state.

Our sales tax directories are made up of products/technologies which we believe will help e-Commerce web sites calculate and report sales tax correctly. We do not charge manufacturers to be included in our directories and we do not sell any of their products. We publish our directories because we think they are a helpful and safe way for you to learn what solutions are available.

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Tax will always be a sensitive and political topic. For some years states have allowed the growth of the Internet to 'trump' their need to support local businesses and have accepted their losses in sales tax revenues. The Internet has matured, while the loss in sales tax revenues to most states has become a budgetary issue.

The time has come to level the playing field and to eliminate sales tax evasion as a competitive advantage for e-Commerce web sites. The question we face is not if this will happen - but when and how it will happen.

Please join with us in tracking this important phase in the maturation of sales tax for e-Commerce and the Internet!

Get Smart about Sales Tax™