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Open4Tax is a community of consumers and small businesses wanting to understand how sales tax releates to them.

Did you know that we tend to always think that we are right? Bearing this in mind, wisdom could be defined as remembering what happened last time you thought you were right!

Seriously: Information is defined as data (facts) that have been organized. Knowledge is defined as information learned through practical application. Wisdom is defined as sound judgement in the use of knowledge.

The Internet has expanded our opportunity to learn from more experiences than ever before. In theory this should be making us all far wiser. But in practise, the volume of information we have, the amount that is simply wrong, misleading or deceptive, and our inability to determine who is telling it right, has left us more confused than ever before.

Open4Tax is the #1 site on the net for unbiased information on disruptive technology that consumers and small business can use to manage sales tax. It is our hope to build a global community of people who can safely learn from each others experiences. Unlike other web sites which will share opinions from anybody, we only share experiences from our community.

Open4Tax Community Platform
We provide the infrastructure to ensure that the people who are able to share information are real people with real experiences to share. We trust that you will value the process of joining our community as much as you will value the quality of the information we provide.

Our experts have organized the volumes of data available in manageable categories so that you can find them. We do our utmost to ensure that the information (articles) in each category is factually accurate and without any commercial or ideological bias. It is not easy, but we are 100% committed to it!

We moderate all comments making sure that they are relevant to the article, contributed by a real person, are of a verifiable experience, and are free of agenda or opinion. What happened is always a matter of fact, we leave the interpretation to your good judgement!

Notes on Advertising
There is a cost to publishing, organizing, moderating and operating a FREE web resouce like Open4Tax.

Adverts are spam when they interfere with your use of our site - and we do not allow this. But adverts are great when they inform you of a product you need - and did not know of.

Our advertisers (from Google) pay for the costs of this expert unbiased resource we provide to you.

Advertising Quality
1) We watch for and block ALL Scam adverts at our discretion!
2) We place them clearly on each page - header banner - left column text - right column text

We are not going to solve the issue of sales tax evasion alone, and there is not enough time for each of us to make every mistake possible. Open4Tax began with a commitment to expose sales tax scams. We have grown into the #1 site on the net for organized, trustworthy information on disruptive sales tax technology.

It is our privilege to be expanding into a globally wise community with you.

BUT - only you can become wise - we will manage, organize and moderate - you need to be attracted to solve this issue of sales tax evasion - you need to learn what is applicable to you - and you need to engage appropriately!

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